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Can't Catch A Break For Sh#t!!!! - A New Year & New Begins [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Can't Catch A Break For Sh#t!!!! [Aug. 6th, 2015|04:46 pm]

So am at work and i call to check on my girls & my oldest tell me cps sent a letter to the house for me so am like WTH is going on she gives me a number on paper & i call it am being told that my husband's babymomma (who had her kids taken) said i couple things so they have to meet with the family .

Okay i know my house is not all that but my kids never hungry or dirty i go to work 5days a week, 40+ hours to make sure they have everything they need.

To me this is something else put on me behind who am married to this lady has been causing problems in my life every since i married him. I mean i can't caught a break for shit i lose one child when my new born passed now i feel like their trying to take my other kids ...